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I'm InTheLittlewood also known as Martyn. I'm currently an online content creator centered around video games.

I livestream to Twitch and uploading videos to YouTube.


To get in contact about anything, please use the appropriate methods listed below or on the Socials page.

We also have a community Discord if you'd like to speak to fellow viewers!

Viewer Contact

For viewers that have burning questions, want to share memes, news or engage in general chitter-chatter

then Twitter is the best place to reach out:

Twitter @InTheLittleWood

Want to talk at greater length and ask questions anonymously? Then my Tumblr is the best way:

Tumblr /InTheLittleWood

Business Contact

Contacting via this method is strictly for business

purposes only! Any communications outside of

this will be immediately deleted and your email

will be blocked from future communication:

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