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I stream almost daily and what's better is that I'm a total variety caster which means we blast through a whole heap of genres!


The schedule system on Twitch is garbage and only spans a week but I wanted to let you know my planned games much more in advance. So here you are:


September 2020

September was a real mixed bag of old and new experiences. With the Mario 3D All Stars bundle delivering nostalgia whilst Among Us continued to soar to new heights and make gamers everywhere paranoid.

This month I was also given VERY early access to the final build of Team17's latest title The Survivalists which is a sandbox survival game where you recruit monkey buddies to do all the hard work for you. Perfect!

August 2020

August was a particularly fun month for games with the release of Fall Guys, Marvel's Avengers and the new hero themed Fortnite season!

This month I took an interest in Minecraft speed-running after playing the game for almost a decade and I even binged a few classic PS1 + PC titles like Little Big Adventure 2, Tomba and Croc.

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