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That's right parents. This is my job. YouTube pays my bills and I've gotten the opportunity to travel the world and meet so many interesting and creative people through it!


"But how do you make money?"  well it's simple, those adverts you always skip, we get paid a little for each one. It's like television when you watch your soap operas.

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I currently run and maintain 3 channels on YouTube

This is my 'main' channel where the bulk of my subscribers reside. Currently its main focus is weekly guide videos for challenges that appear in Fortnite Battle Royale and once each season has elapsed I create a musical summary (yes, a rap track) of the last 10 week's events.

This is my 'second' channel which funnily enough, predates the above one's creation. This is where you can currently find all of my NONE-Fortnite gaming content on YouTube.

This channel is slightly less active but it serves the purpose of being a dumping ground for long let's play series of significant games in their raw un-edited format from Twitch livestreams.

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