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I'm InTheLittlewood also known as Martyn. I'm currently an online content creator centered around video games stream to Twitch and uploading videos to YouTube.


Instead of telling a life story on this page I wanted to simply highlight some key pieces of content that challenged me in different ways creatively this past decade both during and before working on YouTube.. Enjoy!

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Storytelling in Minecraft

Original Music + Lyrics

Radio Presenting

Video Editing

Classroom Presentation

E-Sports commentary

Gameshow Host





To this day the Minecraft Christmas ADVENTure remains the most intensive but rewarding content I've created on YouTube.

The premise was simple. A daily Christmas themed adventure for me and my 3 friends to go on leading up to the big day when Santa comes to visit.


This was a huge co-ordinated effort between myself, the build team (Blockception), voice actors provided by Noxcrew and a heap of others.

My contributions to the project were numerous. Firstly, I was one of the 4 faces presenting the show and I'm most proud of how we evolved the viewer's experience from what could have been just a simple map play through to a more interactive episodic show with viewers writing in, showcasing their art and building a community.

My biggest task however was the packaging and presentation of the entire project via video editing.. This went far beyond a simple 'hit record, trim the edges and pop it live'. I developed an array of custom animations and overlays to compliment the voice acting, I was mindful of pace and picky about sound-tracking, as well as having to cut between 4 visual perspectives regularly.

All in all, we produced 103 episodes over a few years and you can still watch them right now on YouTube:


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